The Magic of Motherhood

Maternity is an area of photography that holds such a special part of my heart, partly due to the fact that I am a mom myself. Photographing a mama to be is one of my favorites, because there is such a beautiful sense of anticipation on the horizon. There is hope and joy and so much love in these sessions. Knowing that your life is going to be so completely revolutionized in the next few weeks and months is such an exciting time- one in which we often seem to wait almost holding our breath, not knowing what things will be like, but hopeful and excited for that moment. If you have other children, there is the added anticipation of your little ones becoming a big brother or sister. Maternity photos are often something women tell me they debated on skipping, because they aren't sure if they should do newborn photos instead, or they just simply feel on the fence about capturing this time. My response is this: You will only regret the photos you didn't take. How many times in our lives are we so blessed to carry such a miracle? Trust me when I say this, these moments are worth looking back on and remembering how you felt in that moment. With the promise of new life on the horizon, take the time to capture the essence of this one of a kind experience and soak it in as much as you can.